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Clinicians ViraShield contains three powerful, fast acting and clinically researched herbs and a well-researched mineral for acute immune support during seasonal ills and chills.

Available product sizes:
30 veggie capsules

Vira shield provides a quick solution when acute immune support is needed in a hurry for the upper respiratory tract.

Pelargonium sidoides has been clinically shown to work promptly to help the body’s natural defences react when the nose, throat and lungs are under immune attack. Pelargonium is a top selling herb in Europe during the winter season known for its effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

Andrographis is a well-known herb with a strong immune supporting role for the respiratory system. It nurtures deep immunity for those who know their immune system is challenged every winter.

Elderberry contains a special ingredient that is known to prevent viruses from entering the body’s cells.

ViraShield Benefits:

◾ Pelargonium and Andrographis provide fast acting immune support when needed. Best results achieved if taken at first the sign of needing immune support
◾ Provides a broad range of immune enhancement beyond the acute management of infection
◾ Zinc is secreted onto the lining of the nasal passages, throat and lungs as part of its immune defence. When ills and chills are about zinc is rapidly depleted. Ingesting zinc helps support the upper respiratory tracts immune system.
◾ Suitable for children to take
◾ Can be used several times throughout the winter season without the effectiveness wearing off
◾ Can be used in conjunction with prescription medication and other natural health supplements
◾ Able to be carried in purses and bags
◾ Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

ViraShield Features:

◾ Clinicians ViraShield is the only over-the-counter product to contain Pelargonium, Andrographis and Elderberry.
◾ Well clinically researched herbs used for over twenty years in Europe with a great customer satisfaction
◾ Contains standardised doses which means that each capsule give the same dose every time for consistency
◾ Contains the mineral zinc for extra immune support
◾ Small, compact sized container
◾ Veggie capsules

Contraindications & Cautions
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