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Covid Booster Vaccinations - 7th Mar 2024 to 31st Dec 2024

Covid Booster Vaccinations The Covid vaccine now available is the updated version with more current strains
The immune function of some people, particularly older age groups , is not as robust as it is in younger healthy people.This means that any protection they gain from the vaccine is shorter-lived , increasing the risk of severe COVID-19.Booster doses help to bolster this immunity and have been shown to be highly protective , at least for several months, against COVID-19 related hospitalisation and death.
Those who could benefit from a further COVID-19 vaccine are

.Individuals aged from 16 years with considerable immunocompromise
.People aged 65 years plus
.Individuals aged 30 to under 65 years with significant complex health needs

The minimum dose interval between booster doses is 6 months or 6 months from illness. A booster can be given regardless of how many boosters an eligible person has already had.

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