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Cetaphil Sunscreen 50plus

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Sun Screen – Cetaphil (8 Hour Protection) Liposomal SPF 50+ Sunscreen 

– Safer in the sun for longer
Up to 8 Hours Protection! Water resistant for 4 hours. 
Cetaphil sunscreen gives UP TO 8 HOURS SPF 50+ Protection From 1 Application!
So How Does This Actually Work? Daylong soaks in under the first layer of skin to sunscreen your body. This allows you to enjoy up to 8 hours sunscreen protection until your outer layer of skin performs its daily breakdown / loss / sheds.
Cetaphil Liposomal Lotion SPF50+ is a special preparation based on liposomes which provides effective SPF50+ protection for up to 8 hours from 1 application (provided Directions For Use are followed).
Liposomes surround the UVB and UVA filters with a natural soya lecithin to help them bond with your skin and keep the skin hydrated throughout the day.
Liposomes also make Cetaphil SPF50+ easy to apply, its pleasant and non-greasy formula won’t clog your skin’s pores. 
Cetaphil SPF50+ contains vitamin E and is characterised by excellent cosmetic and skin care properties.
It has a lasting moisturising effect on the top layers of the skin.
Cetaphil SPF50+ is free from perfume.


Up to 8 hours SPF 50+ protection from one application. (Provided Directions for use are followed)
Easy to spread, fast absorption, non-sticky, results in great skin feeling Pump dispenser provides a consistent amount of product for reliable protection
Dosage table in peel-off label Suitable for all over body & face, great for the Nudist!
Specially designed for kids’ sensitive skin
For children from 12 months and olderSPF 50+ UVA / UVB Logo Moisturising Nurtures Skin with glycerin, panthenol, aloe vera and vitamin E Free from parabens, fragrance, and PEG-emulsifiers No perfumes, or additional preservatives Hypoallergenic Non-comedogenic Dermatologically tested 4 hours water resistant Liposomal sunscreen lotion Very high UV, broad spectrum protection – SPF 50+ Broad spectrum UVA / UVB protection

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