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Clinicians are dedicated to touching the world with wellness through information, education and a wide range of dietary supplements based on sound research.With the impact of today's lifestyle awe need more than modern medicines to deliver the total answer to looking after your health. As pharmacists, and health professionals, our duty of care led us to research the specific influence medicines have on overall wellbeing.

Based on this complete understanding and a decade of sound research, Clinicians high-quality products support rather than than compete with modern medicines and take into account the world we live in.


B Complex Clinicians B Complex provides a combination of essential B Vitamins in high potency. It is recommended where a deficiency is suspected or to support nervous system function and health. B group Vitamins are help support the nervous system in times of stress, exhaustion, fatigue, tension or nervousness .

B Complex Benefits:

◾ Supports the nervous system
◾ Supports energy levels
◾ Provides support for hair, skin, eyes and liver health
◾ Includes Vitamin C which complements B-Group vitamins for antioxidant and immunity support

B Complex Features:

◾ Updated formulation providing higher doses of B vitamins at effective scientific levels
◾ No PABA & Nicotinic acid which can often cause allergic reactions
◾ Can be used alongside conventional medication
◾ Can be used alongside an antioxidant or multivitamin and mineral formulation
◾ Can be used by all age groups
◾ Can be used long-term
◾ Cost effective
◾ Only need to take 1 tablet a day!
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New allegy stop product



AllerStop is a novel, researched ingredient to help support the body’s response to common allergens.: Indoor & Outdoor Allergens Pets & Dust Mites Mould & Spring Allergens

AllerStop Benefits :
Clinical research shows Clinicians Allerstop provides effective allergen support within 15 minutes Repeated use can help provide long lasting support from environmental allergens Has randomised placebo-controlled double-blind research behind it
No contra-indications so can be used by anyone
Heavy machinery and vehicles can be operated while taking Allerstop
Easy compliance as it is not a tablet or capsule to swallow but a chewable tablet
Suitable for children to take

AllerStop Features:
Contains active of Quail eggs
Can be used long term
Scientifically proven Rapid acting
Can be taken with any medicines
Free of side effects
Tablets are chewable Cost effective pack of 30 tablets 
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Clinicians REM Sleep supports a healthy night’s sleep, by supporting the processes of getting to sleep and staying asleep. Clinicians REM Sleep provides a combination of vitamins, minerals and herbs that have a calming effect and promote relaxation for a good night’s rest.

REM Sleep Benefits:

A researched based combination of 5-HTP, Passionflower, Skullcap, magnesium and B vitamins to provide the building blocks that support you to feel relaxed, fall asleep and get a good night’s rest.

◾ Support for falling asleep and staying asleep
◾ Helps you wake feeling refreshed and rested
◾ Support in times of stress
◾ Helps with energy levels and mood
◾ Helps support sleep when mild stress may be keeping you awake
◾ Sleep support while travelling across time zones
◾ Contains 5-HTP providing the building blocks for the natural sleep hormone
◾ Magnesium and vitamin B3 and Vitamin B6 to help aid relaxation and natural sleep support
◾ Passionflower and Skullcap are botanical extracts that help calm and relax the body and mind to help relieve nervous tension and help you fall asleep and get a good night’s rest

REM Sleep Features:
◾ Provides essential building blocks for the natural sleep hormone and helps calm and relax
◾ Non habit forming
◾ May also provide muscle relaxation
◾ Suitable for most age groups
◾ Long term use does not appear to be associated with side effects
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Clinicians ViraShield contains three powerful, fast acting and clinically researched herbs and a well-researched mineral for acute immune support during seasonal ills and chills.

Available product sizes:
30 veggie capsules

Vira shield provides a quick solution when acute immune support is needed in a hurry for the upper respiratory tract.

Pelargonium sidoides has been clinically shown to work promptly to help the body’s natural defences react when the nose, throat and lungs are under immune attack. Pelargonium is a top selling herb in Europe during the winter season known for its effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

Andrographis is a well-known herb with a strong immune supporting role for the respiratory system. It nurtures deep immunity for those who know their immune system is challenged every winter.

Elderberry contains a special ingredient that is known to prevent viruses from entering the body’s cells.

ViraShield Benefits:

◾ Pelargonium and Andrographis provide fast acting immune support when needed. Best results achieved if taken at first the sign of needing immune support
◾ Provides a broad range of immune enhancement beyond the acute management of infection
◾ Zinc is secreted onto the lining of the nasal passages, throat and lungs as part of its immune defence. When ills and chills are about zinc is rapidly depleted. Ingesting zinc helps support the upper respiratory tracts immune system.
◾ Suitable for children to take
◾ Can be used several times throughout the winter season without the effectiveness wearing off
◾ Can be used in conjunction with prescription medication and other natural health supplements
◾ Able to be carried in purses and bags
◾ Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

ViraShield Features:

◾ Clinicians ViraShield is the only over-the-counter product to contain Pelargonium, Andrographis and Elderberry.
◾ Well clinically researched herbs used for over twenty years in Europe with a great customer satisfaction
◾ Contains standardised doses which means that each capsule give the same dose every time for consistency
◾ Contains the mineral zinc for extra immune support
◾ Small, compact sized container
◾ Veggie capsules

Contraindications & Cautions
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