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Feel good GO healthy

GO Healthy was the first company in New Zealand to introduce a full range of supplements in VegeCapsules and they were also the first to focus on easy to use 1-A-Day doses.

The comprehensive GO Healthy range has been carefully designed with you in mind to deliver health and well-being in 11 categories – General Health, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Joint Health, Healthy Oils, Immune System, Sleep/Nervous System, Weight Management, Active Energy and Specialty Products. Each category is easily identifiable by colour to enable you to quickly locate products suitable for you.

Go Healthy believe in making NATURAL HEALTH products that make it easy for you to be good to yourself. GO Healthy New Zealand continually strives to be the most trusted natural healthcare brand in the market and to deliver you better health and well-being.

Antibiotic Support

GO Antibiotic Support should be taken during and after antibiotic medication. It maintains and restores the good bacteria in our stomach that antibiotics kill. A high level of good stomach bacteria is essential for a healthy immune system and all round good health 

Usual Adult dose: 1 capsule daily or can increase to 2 capsules daily
Children(aged 12+): 1 capsule daily
Children (aged 3+): Contents of 1 capsule mixed into food daily                
Children (aged 6mth+): Contents of 1 capsule mixed into formula or milk daily.
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Cranberry 60,000 Capsules

GO Healthy GO Cranberry 60,000+ Capsules 
GO Healthy GO Cranberry 60,000+ is a triple strength formula that soothes and supports the urinary tract and bladder. Cranberry can be taken on going as a maintenance dose to support health of the urinary tract.

  • Supports healthy bacterial balance
  • Soothes and supports the urinary tract
  • VegeCap Advantage
  • May be beneficial for the following symptoms:
  • Frequent urinary tract infections
  • Frequent urge to urinate
  • Intense desire to pass urine even after bladder has been emptied
  • Urine has strong odour
  • Burning sensation when urinating

Each Capsule Contains:
  • Cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon) extract equiv. to dry fruit 60,000mg,
  • Buchu (Barosma betulina) extract equiv. to dry leaf 350mg,
  • Bearberry (Arctostaphylos Uva-Ursi) extract equiv. to dry leaf 250mg,
  • Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) 110mg,
  • Olive Leaf (Olea europaea) extract equiv. to dry leaf 100mg,
  • Zinc citrate (equiv to 15mg Zinc) 48mg

  • Adults: Take 1 VegeCap daily. Can be taken anytime, with food, or on an empty stomach.
  • OR as directed by your Healthcare Professional.

  • Not to be taken during pregnancy or lactation
  • If there is blood in the urine, seek immediate medical attention
  • If symptoms persist more than 48 hours, consult your healthcare Professional
  • Always read the label. Take only as directed
  • If taking prescription medication or if in doubt, consult your Healthcare Professional.
  • If on blood thinning medication consult your Healthcare professional prior to taking
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Fish Oil 2000mg Odourless Capsules

Go Healthy GO FISH OIL 2,000mg COMPACT provides a concentrated source of EPA and DHA Omega 3 Fatty Acids equivalent to 2,000mg natural Fish Oil. Some high strength Fish Oil capsules can be difficult to swallow as they are often large in size. GO Fish Oil 2,000mg has been supplied in a compact capsule, which is half the size of some other 2,000mg Fish Oil products. This compact size makes it easy to swallow, convenient and consumer friendly.

Sourced from deep sea wild fish, GO Fish Oil 2,000mg Compact is odourless, molecularly distilled and mercury tested to ensure purity and quality. Contains natural orange to minimise odour and reflux. Fish Oil is an excellent source of Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids which provide many well known health benefits.
•Fish Oil concentrated 1,000mg equiv. to natural Fish Oil 2,000mg
•Easy to swallow compact SoftGel capsule
•Fish Oil for health and well-being
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Glucosamine -1-A-DAY

GO Healthy GO GLUCOSAMINE 1-A-DAY is a complete, high strength joint care formula in a convenient 1-a-day capsule dose. Each capsule contains a full dose of scientifically proven Glucosamine Sulfate 1,500mg plus Chondroitin and potent supporting nutrients. Ginger and Turmeric support comfort of joint movement, while Celery supports healthy, normal uric acid levels. Vitamin D has been added to support bone growth and repair. Copper, Manganese and Proline have been shown to provide extra support for repair of damaged joints, cartilage and bone health.

  • 1-a-day, high strength 1,500mg dose per capsule
  • Trusted Glucosamine Sulfate and Chondroitin formula
  • Complete joint and cartilage support
  • With supporting bone and joint nutrients
  • Helps to relieve joint stiffness, especially in the morning and aids in the recovery of joint & sport injuries and helps relieve arthritis symptoms.

Each capsule contains:
  • Glucosamine Sulfate Potassium Chloride Complex 1,500mg
  • Chondroitin Sulfate 155mg
  • Ginger root (Zingiber officinale) ext.
  • - equiv. to 250mg
  • Turmeric (Curcuma longa) ext.
  • - equiv. to 100mg,
  • Celery (Apium graveolens) ext.
  • - equiv. to 100mg
  • Vitamin D3 100IU
  • Copper 166mcg
  • Manganese sulfate 3.2mg
  • - equiv. Manganese 1mg
  • Proline 50mcg


  • Adults: Take 1 Capsule daily. Best taken in the morning. Can be taken with food or on an empty stomach.
  • Or as directed by your Healthcare Professional.

  • Do not take if allergic to shellfish.
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Go Stress Remedy

GO STRESS REMEDY contains 400mg of L-Theanine (free form) per VegeCapsule.
Taken daily, this 1-A-Day formula supports good mood, relaxation, calming and helps to chill out over-stimulation caused by caffeine and stress, while also supporting mental clarity and focus without drowsiness.
Unlike many supplements, GO Stress Remedy can be used to support those taking prescription mood medication as L-Theanine supports healthy levels of the brain’s natural calming agents for that relaxed feeling of good mood and well-being. During times of extra stress, or panic feelings, such as flying, interviews, exams, public speaking you can increase the dose to 2 a day maximum. 400mg of L-Theanine (free form) per VegeCap 1-A-Day supports mood and well-being Supports those taking prescription mood medication VegeCap Advantage
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Go Vir-defence

GO VIR-DEFENCE RAPID RELEASE is designed to deliver rapid immune defence support when you need it.
Each fast release Plantcaps™ capsule contains high strength Olive leaf, providing 120mg of active oleuropein per capsule, along with other essential immune supporting ingredients including Echinacea, Zinc and Vitamin C.
This year round immune formula supports healthy immune system function and the body’s natural immune defences for sinuses, throat and airways. Encapsulated in rapid release Plantcaps™ capsules to start working faster, and supplied in convenient on-the-go blister packs. Supplied in Fast Release Plantcaps™ Capsules
Delivers rapid immune defence support when you need it. High strength oleuropein With essential immune supporting botanicals and nutrients With BioPerine® for increased absorption
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GO Healthy GO MAGNESIUM 1-A-DAY is a high strength,1-A-Day formula which contains 500mg of elemental Magnesium per capsule. Sourced from seawater, this natural marine Magnesium contains no Magnesium oxide, giving it superior absorption as well as being gentle on the digestive tract. Magnesium is effective in supporting relaxation, soothing muscle tension and muscle tightness as well as for supporting a good nights sleep.

  • 1-A-Day does per capsule
  • 500mg of elemental natural Magnesium
  • Supports relaxation, soothing muscle tension and tightness
  • A gentle, high absorption, oxide free magnesium

Each capsule contains:

  • Magnesium (natural marine) 1,390mg - providing elemental Magnesium 500mg

  • Adults: Take 1 Capsule daily. Can be taken anytime with food or on an empty stomach. To promote a restful sleep, take before bed.
  • Or as directed by your Healthcare Professional.

  • If pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your Healthcare Professional prior to taking.
  • Always read the label. Take only as Directed.
  • If taking prescription medication or if in doubt, pleases consult your Healthcare Professional.
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