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Harkers Herbals - 5th Jul 2018 to 31st Aug 2018

Harkers Herbals

WE are happy to be stocking Harkers Herbals:
No chemicals.
No additives.
Just the finest herbal ingredients to cleanse, purify and treat the human body.

Come into story and check out their extensive range....

Nothing says natural health and well-being quite like Harker Herbals. We’re the original master herbal specialists, keeping New Zealanders healthy for more than 35 years with our traditional herbal tonics and elixirs. During that time, we’ve dealt with everything from chronic skin conditions to persistent lung congestion, upset tummies to just plain old worn out. In fact, our founder, Malcolm Harker MHD, created more than 80 unique formulae to treat the many conditions presented to him. Using his expertise as a master herbalist, Malcolm formulated tonics to work from the inside out; cleansing waste from ailing parts of the body so that healing could proceed. Malcolm started by healing himself. Chronically ill and tired of taking pharmaceutical drugs, he discovered the dual benefits of a healthy diet and medicinal herbs. The turnaround in his health was astounding. As Malcolm shared his discovery of well-being and others enjoyed better health through his authentic herbal blends, so demand for his tonics grew. Word of mouth is a powerful thing!
Today, you will find Harker Herbals tonics in selected health stores throughout New Zealand. We remain true to our master herbalist philosophies: to restore balance in the body and return it to a better state of health using only 100% natural herbal blends.

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