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Minor Ailments consultations - 26th Jul 2023 to 30th Sep 2023

Minor Ailments consultations Our Pharmacists are now able to prescribe (free of charge ) for certain minor ailments that fit into the criteria we have been given by Te Whatu Ora.
We will give our advice , free or charge as always , but if you fit the criteria for approved minor health conditions we are able to prescribe and dispense suitable medications free of charge.
Health Conditions include: Acute Diarrhoea , Headlice , Dehydration , pain and fever , Eye inflammationa dn infections , Eczema/dermatitis , scabies , minor skin infections.
You are eligible for free advice and medication, if needed , if you are
.aged under 14 years old
.a community service card holder
.family of those who are unwell

This will continue all through the winter . So please come in and talk to one of our pharmacists

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