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Artemis Teas - 31st Aug 2017

Artemis Teas The Artemis range originates from authentic Swiss formulas, supported by the latest research in plant-based medicine.
Their products are formulated to provide essential and fast-acting natural health solutions to empower people to look after themselves.
The essence of Artemis is knowledge - 2,500 years of medicinal plant wisdom guides our unique process of scouring the earth for the best quality plants, harvesting at the optimal time and developing remedies that work. AN UNWAVERING COMMITMENT TO QUALITY Everything Artemis does comes back to one thing: Quality. This is why they scour the world for the best plant ingredients.They know the source is sustainable and harvested with minimal impact on the environment. This is why they use certified organic and wild harvested plants.

At Winton Pharmacy we have a range of Artemis teas and herbal remedies and can get into store any others that you might like to try.

Click here for more information on Artemis Teas and remedies

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