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Clinicians Digest Repair - 2nd Mar 2017

Clinicians Digest Repair Digest Repair Clinicians is a new UNIQUE Practioner Grade Digest Formula,
Are you taking Probiotics or other digestive products daily but still suffer from digestive discomfort?
Do daily medications affect your digestive system?

Digest Repair is a unique practitioner grade combination designed to support normal gut integrity and healthy stomach linings. It helps soothe digestion and settles the gut. It helps support the digestive system from harmful environmental factors such as junk foods, prescription medications, toxins, chemicals and stress.

Recommended for:
.People who have regular disgestive discomfort
.Regular users of products for disgestive comfort
.To support those on medications that can be hard on the digestive system,such as pain    medications
.A person with a diet that includes a lot of junk foods
.Anyone whose disgestive health is not 100%
.As part of a detox plan or support with food and other allergens.

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