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Kids Peaceful Dreams Liquid - 5th Apr 2019

Kids Peaceful Dreams Liquid Kids Peacful Dreams is a NATURAL formulation designed to support relaxation around bedtime and healthy sleep patterns in children
What do I use it for?
To support children who struggle to relax at night and have trouble getting to sleep
To resettle children who wake in the night
Children who are growing need support to relax their bodies at night
The herbs Lemon balm and Linden support calm and relaxation. Magnesium supports muscle relaxation and is used with the Vitamin B6 and L- tryptophan to support sleep hormone production for healthy sleep patterns.

Research based formula especially for children to support relaxation at bedtime and falling asleep
Contains a unique combination of herbs and nutrients to support healthy sleep patterns
Delicious apple flavour and natural agave syrup for sweetness
Easy-to-take liquid formula, with variable dosing for different ages

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