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Sleep Help Available Now - 26th Aug 2022

Sleep Help Available Now Wake up feeling tired ?
We have help for you.
Winton pharmacy is now pleased to be able to offer sleep support for our clients.
Our Pharmacy sleep service is a quick easy and comfortable way to diagnose and treat Sleep apnoea.
Is your snoring causing loss of sleep?
Sleep apnoea , or Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) happens when a person's throat is partly or completely blocked while they are asleep.Normally , the muscles that control the upper airway relax during sleep.If they relax too much , the upper airway becomes narrow and people begin to snore.If the airways become too narrow , this may cause breathing difficulties. Sometimes the airway becomes completely blocked and the person stops breathing , this can last for 10 seconds or more. This is apnoea . The sufferer is often unaware of it happening , but will wkae feeling tired.
Apart from making you tired , being deprived of oxygen and constantly being shocked back into breathing puts immense strain on your body and can increase the risk of other life threating conditions eg.. High blood pressure ,stroke , heart attak , depression.
Continuouse Positive Airway Pressure ( CPAP ) is the recommended treatment for OSA. CPAP will prevent your upper airway from collapsing during sleep by providing a flow of air through your nose / face using  a mask.
Come into store and discuss with us your sleep problems. You can complete a sleep apneoa screening questionaire and if a sleep test is recommended the satff will book a home sleep test for you.
Results will then be sent to a sleep physician for review.If the results show you have OSA , you may begin a 4 week trial of CPAP therapy.


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