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Natural Hayfever Remedy...Allerstop - 28th Oct 2016

Natural Hayfever Remedy...Allerstop Clinicians have a fantastic NATURAL product to help with hayfever symptoms.
Allerstop is a natural option to support the body's response to environmental irritants.
Environmental allergens cause a substance called Protease enzymes that when inhaled irritate the mucous membranes .This triggers a cascade of immune reactions, which causes the discomfort we experience.
Allerstop contains bioactive proteins that support the body's natural response to the irritating protease enzymes of allergens.
Effective in 15 minutes
Suitable for children over 3 and Adults
Can be taken in combination with antihistamines

Gift Ideas Arriving in Store NOW - 28th Oct 2016

Gift Ideas Arriving in Store NOW We are a great range of fantastic gifts arriving in store for all ages. Lovely new summer scarves , beautiful handmade soaps ,lovely perfumed pomanders.Gift packs in our great natural skincare ranges , great travel accessories and much more.
Come in store and check out what we have .

Spring Wellness Brochure out now - 14th Sep 2016

Spring Wellness Brochure out now Nothing signals the start of spring like cute new-born lambs ,beautiful daffodils ,itchy eyes , sniffles and sneezes.Springtime also brings long awaited warmer weather , outdoor family fun , BBQs , picnics and outdoor games , but , for many New Zealanders , it is also the start of allergy season. The leading spring trigger is pollen and it can creat mayhem on the bodys defences.
 To help your family battle the woes of springtime allergies and ensure enjoyment of this beautiful season we have created a list of "spring allergy essentials".
 Read about this in our spring here
Spend $30 or more on products featured in this brochure and go into the draw to win a Ziegler and Brown twin grill BBQ.

Trilogy Gift with Purchase - 9th Sep 2016

Trilogy Gift with Purchase Buy any two or more Trilogy Age Proof products and receive a free Line Smoothing Day Cream.

Combat the signs of ageing , from the first signs and as your skin matures.These exceptional products combine clinically proven natural actives to deliver real results.

Click here for more information on Trilogy products

Time for Buccaline again - 15th Jul 2016

Time for Buccaline again

Time for your second course of Buccaline.

Famliy Protection from the bacterial complication of cold such as •Sore throat •Runny Nose •Coughing •sneezing Special features
Just one course of Buccaline tablets gives everyone from young children to the very elderly, safe protection for up to three months from the bacterial complications of colds. 

Pharmacist only medicine

Get $2 off the price of our Buccaline if you mention you saw this on our website !

Go-Healthy Glucosamine 1500mg - 23rd Jun 2016

Go-Healthy Glucosamine 1500mg We have G0-Healthy Glucosamine 1500mg 60 capsules on sale while stocks last. Buy two packs of 60 capsules for $40 ....thats one pack free !! Come in and grab this special while we still have stocks.

Artemis Tea Tasting - 27th May 2016

Artemis Tea Tasting Come in store and taste our range of Artemis teas.......LET WELLNESS INFUSE you.

Artemis Tea Remedies taste great and are easily absorbed to deliver fast and effective health benefit.They are based on clinically proven frormulas passed through Sandra Clair's Swiss lineage of medical herbalists and are supported by current scientific research confirming outsatnding effectiveness.

Sutable for both adults and children, including babies , Artemis Tea Remedies have an impeccable safety track record and are compatible when used alongside pharmaceutical drugs.

Immuno Boost is great for now as it supports build-up of immune resistance against infections of the upper respiratory tract and  helps to fight off colds and cough.

Come in a try one today .

click here for more information on Artemis Remedies

Flu Season - 17th Mar 2016

Flu Season Flu season is upon us...we are offering flu vaccinations in store (no appointment needed) , or we can come to work places (conditions apply).WE ARE OFFERING THE 4 STRAIN FLU VACCINE , THIS HAS AN ADDITIONAL STRAIN THAN THE FUNDED VACCINE , FOR BETTER PROTECTION.

 We also offer the Shingles vaccine ...(for 50 years old and over).

Who wants to get Shingles when you can get vaccinated to help prevent it ? Come into store and talk to us about these vaccines. Keep fit and healthy this with just a small vaccination 

What are the seasonal strains for 2016?

This year’s seasonal influenza vaccine will offer protection against the following strains:

•A/California/7/2009 (H1N1)-like virus

•A/Hong Kong/4801/2014 (H3N2)-like virus

•B/Brisbane/60/2008-like virus


Can you get influenza from the Flu Vaccination

No. The vaccines have been made from influenza virus that has been concentrated, inactivated, then broken apart. Vaccination cannot cause influenza as the vaccine does not contain any live viruses. 

Sometimes vaccination is accused of causing the influenza. There are two possible reasons for this. Firstly when vaccinated, the body responds to the vaccine by producing an immune response. This can include systemic symptoms such as fever, malaise and muscle aches which may mistakenly be assumed to be early signs of influenza. Secondly other respiratory viruses circulate during the winter months and influenza vaccines do not protect against these.

Most of these viruses cause milder infections (e.g. the common cold) and do not pose the same threat, particularly to those at higher risk. However certain other infections may on occasion produce influenza-like symptoms and quite severe illness which can lead to the suggestion that the vaccine is ineffective. They should not be confused with influenza.

Make sure you are Flu Free this winter and come in store for your vaccination.

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