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Go Hemp Seed Oil - 29th Jul 2020

Go Hemp Seed Oil GO HEMP SEED OIL 1,100mg NEW ZEALAND GROWN is an extra virgin, cold pressed oil, extracted from locally New Zealand grown Hemp Seed.
Hemp Seed Oil provides one of natures most balanced source of Omegas 3, 6 and 9 to support every day health and vitality.
GO Hemp Seed Oil 1,100mg New Zealand Grown provides the purest, high quality balance of essential fatty acids, in an easy-to-take capsule.

30% off Health Supplements - 30th May 2020

30% off Health Supplements With health our priorty , especially at the moment ,it is a good time to stock up on health supplements. So for the month of June we are offering 30% off our in store range of Health Supplements.
Come into store and get this great special ...keep safe and well

Look good and Feel great brochure out now - 24th Feb 2020

Look good and Feel great brochure out now Our latest brochure is out now ...great advice and savings 

Daylong Sunscreen - 21st Feb 2020

Daylong Sunscreen

Daylong Sunscreen back in stock

Daylong liposomal soaks in under the first layer of skin to sunscreen your body. This allows you to enjoy up to 8 hours sunscreen protection until your outer layer of skin performs its daily breakdown / loss / sheds.
Daylong Suntivity SPF50+ is a special preparation based on liposomes which provides effective SPF50+ protection for up to 8 hours from 1 application (provided Directions For Use are followed). Liposomes surround the UVB and UVA filters with a natural soya lecithin to help them bond with your skin and keep the skin hydrated throughout the day. Liposomes also make Daylong Family SPF50+ easy to apply, its pleasant and non-greasy formula won’t clog your skin’s pores.
Daylong SPF50+ contains vitamin E and is characterised by excellent cosmetic and skin care properties. It has a lasting moisturising effect on the top layers of the skin.
Daylong SPF50+ is free from perfume.


Up to 8 hours SPF 50+ protection from one application. (Provided Directions for use are followed)
Easy to spread, fast absorption, non-sticky, results in great skin feeling
Pump dispenser provides a consistent amount of product for reliable protection
Suitable for all over body & face, great for the Nudist!
Specially designed for kids’ sensitive skin
For children from 12 months and older
SPF 50+ UVA / UVB Logo Moisturising Nurtures Skin with glycerin, panthenol, aloe vera and vitamin E
Free from parabens, fragrance, and PEG-emulsifiers No perfumes, or additional preservatives Hypoallergenic Non-comedogenic Dermatologically tested 4 hours water resistant Liposomal sunscreen lotion
  One application will last for up to 8 hours of normal use. Apply generously (2 to 3 tablespoonfuls for the entire body) to clean, dry skin 20 minutes prior to exposure to the sun. Reapply regularly every 2 hours, especially after swimming or towelling. Apply before use of a moisturiser.
Daylong Family SPF 50+ does not rub off easily so does not need to be reapplied after each towelling dry. Bathing and/or showering with soaps or shower gels can reduce the effectiveness of Daylong Family SPF 50+. 

One application allows 80 minutes of water exposure in 8 hours whilst retaining Daylong’s Family SPF 50+ protection. Reapply if you spend more time in the water.

 Use protective clothing, hats and eye wear. Keep out of eyes.

WARNINGS Daylong Family SPF 50+ is not appropriate for infants 1 year and under who should avoid direct exposure to the sun completely. In cases of severe sunburn always seek medical advice. Avoid sun exposure when the sun is at its strongest (between 11am and 3pm). Daylong Family SPF 50+ should always be part of a sensible sun protection regime including a hat, shirt and sunglasses. Avoid direct contact with eyes as Daylong Family SPF 50+ can cause burning. The UV filters in Daylong Family SPF 50+ can lead to a discolouration of clothing, synthetic materials and other materials such as swimming pool covers. It is recommended that you do not apply Daylong Family SPF 50+ immediately before dressing.

Ethique with purchase - 21st Feb 2020

Ethique is on a mission to rid the world of plastic waste and we want you to be a part of it. Founder, Brianne West, began making natural beauty bars, in her science degree lab, as an alternative to the 80 billion plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles thrown out globally each year. Since then, Ethique™ (which is French for ethical) has grown out of a Kiwi kitchen into a fully-fledged, award-winning international beauty brand (even coveted by the likes of Britney Spears & Ashton Kutcher). To date ethique have stopped over 5 million plastic bottles from being made & disposed of into landfills .
We have a free gift with purchase..A mini Pinkalicious Solid Shampoo ...ENJOY

Revlon Gift with Purchase - 16th Aug 2019

Revlon Gift with Purchase Its that time again when we are giving away a free gift with purcahse when you spend $59 or more on Revlon.
Included in this GWP is a Eye Liner , a superlustrous Lipstick and a Highlighting Palette...all full size  , while stocks last

Urox - 18th Jul 2019

Urox Urox Bladder Support is a unique herbal product with a scientifically formulated blend of herbs that support healthy bladder tone.
Urox supports the maintenance of healthy bladder function.
Urox supports the tone and tissue strength of the bladder and surrounding area. Recent scientific studies have shown Urox supports healthy bladder function.
The herbs contained in Urox support collagen and connective tissue and relaxation of the muscles in the bladder and surrounding area.
This supports the bladder to fill appropriately and empty effectively. Additionally, Urox provides antioxidant and antiaging support for the bladder and kidneys.
Research has shown that components of Urox support bladder wall tone and normal residual urine volume. Results are seen within weeks of use.
Best results experienced after 2 months of use.

Go Healthy Kids Vitamins range - 18th Jul 2019

Go Healthy Kids Vitamins range


Comprehensive kids range

Supports healthy growth and development

No artificial flavours or colours

Great taste

Sweetened without sugar

Range includes:
Probiotic powder
Screen time iprotect
Teeth and bone calcium plus
Vir-defence immune
Vitamin C 250mg  orange
Vitamin C 250mg blackcurrant
Calm and sleep support magnesium plus
DHA Brain IQ
Fruit and vege 5plus A day


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