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Nutralife Probiotic 50 Billion capsules are a powerful probiotic that provides digestion and immunity support with no refrigeration required.

Beneficial for:
Maintaining healthy digestion and friendly bacteria levels
Assisting customers with digestive disturbances, e.g. bloating, flatulence, diarrhoea, constipation and poor digestion
Maintaining a healthy immune system and energy levels
Supporting customers who are taking antibiotics
Maintaining urinary & genital tract health

Key and unique features:
Multi-strain - combines 11 strains of specially selected, scientifically-researched, acid-resistant probiotic bacteria for improved effectiveness and digestive benefits
50 billlion CFUs of safe and effective probiotic bacteria including the clinically researched HOWARU® strain
DRcap™ technology means the probiotics are protected from the acidic environment of the stomach, as the vege capsule will breakdown in the small intestine
1-a-day, shelf stable, easy to swallow vege capsule

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