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B Complex Clinicians B Complex provides a combination of essential B Vitamins in high potency. It is recommended where a deficiency is suspected or to support nervous system function and health. B group Vitamins are help support the nervous system in times of stress, exhaustion, fatigue, tension or nervousness .

B Complex Benefits:

◾ Supports the nervous system
◾ Supports energy levels
◾ Provides support for hair, skin, eyes and liver health
◾ Includes Vitamin C which complements B-Group vitamins for antioxidant and immunity support

B Complex Features:

◾ Updated formulation providing higher doses of B vitamins at effective scientific levels
◾ No PABA & Nicotinic acid which can often cause allergic reactions
◾ Can be used alongside conventional medication
◾ Can be used alongside an antioxidant or multivitamin and mineral formulation
◾ Can be used by all age groups
◾ Can be used long-term
◾ Cost effective
◾ Only need to take 1 tablet a day!

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