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New allegy stop product

New allegy stop product


AllerStop is a novel, researched ingredient to help support the body’s response to common allergens.: Indoor & Outdoor Allergens Pets & Dust Mites Mould & Spring Allergens

AllerStop Benefits :
Clinical research shows Clinicians Allerstop provides effective allergen support within 15 minutes Repeated use can help provide long lasting support from environmental allergens Has randomised placebo-controlled double-blind research behind it
No contra-indications so can be used by anyone
Heavy machinery and vehicles can be operated while taking Allerstop
Easy compliance as it is not a tablet or capsule to swallow but a chewable tablet
Suitable for children to take

AllerStop Features:
Contains active of Quail eggs
Can be used long term
Scientifically proven Rapid acting
Can be taken with any medicines
Free of side effects
Tablets are chewable Cost effective pack of 30 tablets 

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