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Magnesium Kids

mag kids
Magnesium Kids

Ingredients Magnesium Kids is vital for every cell in growing bodies, supports kids during growth spurts, soothes muscle tension and supports total well-being for a better night’s sleep by helping to calm and relax busy minds and bodies. Magnesium Kids contains vitamins C, D and Zinc to help support developing strong bones in a delicious berry flavoured chewable tablet.
Complex formulation of essential minerals & vitamins
Bed time support Supports healthy bone structure
Natural berry flavour Cute kiwi imprint on chewable tablet With Vitamin C, D & Zinc
Tooth friendly
No added dairy
No artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives 
Eases effects of growth spurts
Soothes muscle tension
Supports restlessness & encourages a good night’s sleep by helping relax the mind & body
Provides building blocks for well structured & resilient bones
Overall general well being
Helps to aid the absorption of magnesium
Yummy taste makes it enjoyable to take Fun & easy to chew for kids
Kind on teeth
Dairy intolerant kids can benefit too
No nasty surprises

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